Nos partenaires

12km Team

No timing, no deadlines and no schedule restriction at checkpoints. This particular duo event (in couple) will befit those who do not seek to compete against a record or a watch. It is also the perfect opportunity for newcomers to enroll with a more experienced partner.



  • Distance: 6+6 = 12km
  • Decent:
  • Start (and finish): 23.00pm at the Edge of Heiðmörk
  • Water/Refreshment stations: 1
  • Bib number pick-up on Thursday (see other info)
  • Refreshment station at 6km where the change of runners takes place
  • Showers - at finish
  • Participants can drop their personal belongings at start.


Mandatory equipment

A personal cup 15cl minimum (not counting flasks),


The Trail is open to anyone, male or female, from 12 years old.

  • Use of a small rubbish bag is mandatory and will be checked at all water stations. Any participant caught disposing of rubbish by any other means during the race will automatically be disqualified.
  • Participants will follow the paths signposted by the EcoTrail staff. Short-cuts are not allowed. Be aware that by short-cutting you cause irreversible damage to the eco-system. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
  • A number of dustbins will be placed in each refreshment station. Participants are expected to make eco-conscious use of them.

Resting times and evacuation

Competitors will not stop for rest anywhere else than at refreshment stations, except in case of injury. Competitors will then make their situation known to the area director (race control), who will recover their race number and chip. Competitors must call in person using the phone number indicated on road map (or send a text message from their mobile). 

Penalties – disqualification 

Throughout the EcoTrail course, controllers are authorized to check all and any participant for mandatory material and compliance with the aforementioned rules and regulations (ID documents, respect for the site and the ethics of the race, illicit use of help and accompaniment, bib number not showing properly on the front side of T/shirt)

 The controller tells his post director and/or Race Control and can ask, depending on the seriousness of the infringement of the rules by the runner, the competitor to be disqualified.
The race jury can declare the disqualification of a competitor for any serious breach of regulations, in particular in the case of:

  • Failure to wear the bib number correctly,
  • Failure to show ID or showing ID that does not match bib number data
  • Failure to wear the bracelet
  • Non-respect of the laws in effect in territories crossed during the race 
  • Non-respect of instructions by the controllers of the race
  • Making use of any means of transportation
  • Setting off again from a refreshment station after the time limit
  • Failure to help another competitor in difficulty,
  • Accepting personal assistance outside the official refreshment stations
  • Benefiting from any form of accompaniment along the course of the race,
  • Polluting or damaging the sites along the race,
  • Improper behavior in the form of insults, rudeness or threats towards any member of the organization or any volunteer
  • Refusal to be examined by a staff doctor at any moment during the event
  • Use of any drug and refusal to allow a drug test,
  • Failure to show the rubbish bag.